Thursday, January 28, 2016

Paintings Coming and Going!

Four Citrus
Each 4 x 4
Oil on Canvas
This grouping of small citrus paintings recently left Off Track Gallery and went to a new happy home.   They always made me smile and I hope their new owners receive as much joy from them as I did.
Sunflower Oil Painting
Sunflower on Blue
8 x 10

And speaking of the Off Track Gallery, it is Wall Rotation day which means several new paintings are on their way now to downtown Encinitas.   They were painted this fall and early winter.  

Bull Dog Painting by Jill Treadwell Svendsen
Ginny's Bull Dog
"Lily Silly"
11 x 14
Prague Oil Painting by Jill Treadwell Svendsen
Prague Afternoon
16 x 20
Paso Robles Oil Painting
Paso Robles
8 x 10

They are all oil on canvas or board and you can see them at the gallery in the Lumberyard in Encinitas 

If you have any questions about my art or would like to have more information please email me. 

Hope you enjoy viewing my paintings!


  1. may not know it...but your are an inspiration! I love seeing how beautifully you make a subjet your own! I'm lucky to be close enough to watch the process, and let it rub off on me! Keep up the wonderful painting practice and dedication!

    1. Thank you Denise! We belong to the same "Mutual Admiration Society"!