Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Euer Valley

Euer Valley is in Truckee California near Lake Tahoe.    This was painted from a photograph taken this summer while on a hike.   The next challenge is to hike in with paints!   Enjoy.

Euer Valley
11 x 14
Oil on Board

Thursday, May 26, 2016

This spring I have been attending Workshops at Carole Mayne's Leucadia Studio.    It has been exciting to practice by learning about other artists and their techniques.

Fractured Fruit
8 x 10"
Oil on Board

Julie Oliver Ford's Fracturing process was the topic for this painting.    It was painted from life realistically then intentionally the lines and shapes were "broken" with a small rubber tool and then painted over.  It shows that by "fracturing" your painting you can actually create cohesiveness.  Here is a link to Julie's blog describing the process:

A study of a Maggie Siner landscape

This is a study of a Maggie Siner landscape.   Copying a photo of her piece helped me see how to simplify and let loose.   Her website is:

14 x 11"
Tammy's Berm in Olivenhain
Oil on Board

I attempted to use what I had learned from Maggie to paint this landscape from a photo I took not far from my home.   I did loosen up a bit but there is more study to be done!

8 x 10"
Birthday Peonies
Oil on Board

8 x 10"
Carole's Larkspurs
Oil on Board

In these two florals I attempted to keep a looser style and use broken edges to unify the paintings.   Studying other artists is an excellent way to explore your own style!

As always, thanks for viewing my art.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Paintings Coming and Going!

Four Citrus
Each 4 x 4
Oil on Canvas
This grouping of small citrus paintings recently left Off Track Gallery and went to a new happy home.   They always made me smile and I hope their new owners receive as much joy from them as I did.
Sunflower Oil Painting
Sunflower on Blue
8 x 10

And speaking of the Off Track Gallery, it is Wall Rotation day which means several new paintings are on their way now to downtown Encinitas.   They were painted this fall and early winter.  

Bull Dog Painting by Jill Treadwell Svendsen
Ginny's Bull Dog
"Lily Silly"
11 x 14
Prague Oil Painting by Jill Treadwell Svendsen
Prague Afternoon
16 x 20
Paso Robles Oil Painting
Paso Robles
8 x 10

They are all oil on canvas or board and you can see them at the gallery in the Lumberyard in Encinitas 

If you have any questions about my art or would like to have more information please email me. 

Hope you enjoy viewing my paintings!