Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Spring Forward ... Fall Back Classes!

This fall I have been busy taking classes and have fallen behind on painting and posting my work.  I would like to share some of the work I have done in my two drawing classes.   The first three images are from Kris Nugent's life drawing class at Mira Costa College and the last three are from Frances-Marie Haeger's Basic Drawing & Sketching class.
This was a 10 minute sketch in vine charcoal.   The model was long and leggy and I got a fore shortened view!
We used the side of a chunky piece of charcoal on this one. 
Also a charcoal short sketch - 5 minutes at the most.

In Frances-Marie's class we did a lot of different fun projects ... we drew bugs!

Then we zoomed in on our bugs and redid the shapes and colors.

Our final project was a sunset in pastel ... then used a black magic marker to make back-lit objects in the foreground.
It has been fun doing some different things and using different materials this fall.   It has been nice not focusing on a finished product but rather on having fun and creating.  Hopefully I will get some growth artistically from my experiments.   Later this week I will share from my "on location" watercolor class!  Fun is Diversity has been my fall theme.


  1. Wow Jill...I love that you are so committed to your art. These two teachers have been around forever, are you taking classes in Oceanside or San Elijo? Very cool work...your inspiring me again!

  2. Kris Nugent teaches at San Elijo campus ... she is doing a life painting class in the spring you should join us! F-M Heager class is the noncredit adult learning (free for old people!) class in Oceanside Senior Center. Wow, do I feel old! Thanks for the reply.