Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nancy Medina Flower Painting Workshop

11 x 14
Oil on Canvas
Nancy Medina Workshop One
I attended a fabulous flower painting workshop here in San Diego given by Nancy Medina.   She has a very technical, methodical painting process that I found easy to understand.   She uses transparent colors for an underpainting and then punches up the colors with opaque on top - keeping cool and warm colors in mind.   As a class we painted these first two together.

11 x 14
Oil on Canvas
Nancy Medina Workshop Two

6 x 6
Oil on Panel
Dyed Zinnias

Since Nancy was flying home to Texas she asked us San Diegans to help ourselves to the flowers from the workshop.    I chose stunning pink zinnias (dyed!) and some blue larkspur.    I painted these using her method.  

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  1. Wow...thank you for sharing Jill! These are beautiful! What a wonderful class, where did you take it through?