Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mom's Taos

I am painting for the San Dieguito Art Guild's Mother's Day Art and Garden Tour.  I think of Taos when I think of my Mother. She often said her most precious moments were the summer days in Taos spent watching and listening to her children play.   I think we become a part of every person and place we love.  My brother took this photo of me and my sister in Taos a year after losing my Mom.  She was truly with us that day!

8" x 8" Oil on Panel


  1. I love this Jill -- everything you blogged about is evident in the painting! Very powerful work.

  2. I'd pick you out in this crowd...looks and feels just like you. This painting turned out beautiful, and such a great memento.

  3. Jill, this is so beautiful. And your wall at Off Track is stunning!