Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Market Samplers

Here are the last two paintings for the Daily Painters Project's May Gallery on the Go! event this Saturday at Baker & Olive.   One of my dear friends gave me the "Market Sampler" box from B&O a few weeks ago and I love the fabulous EVOO & Balsamic.  

I took some photographs of the 4 bottles looking down, light shining on them and got a different perspective which motivated me to finish out the month's theme of "all things Italy and cafe" on a different note than the more realistic set ups I have been painting the last few weeks.   I really am glad I stepped out of the box for these.  

I named these Market Sampler and Market Sampler II.  

6" x 6" Oil on Panel


  1. Awesome!! Great work Jill.


  2. Jill, these are fantastic!

  3. You're so talented - these are terrific!
    And you have a blog!

  4. Jill I can't wait to see what you've been up to and painting since I've been away...these are beautiful...see you Saturday !

  5. Thanks for the encouraging comments!