Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Lilies

Love Lilies  6″ by 6″  oil on panel

Don’t we all love lilies?  It was a challenge to paint them in a small format.   The intricate pattern in the flower petals makes you want to get up close with a small brush – I succumbed to the temptation!   I had to “blend” my tiny strokes after getting this one home and studying it.   Maybe one day I’ll be able to get the patterns on the first go without the compulsion to do the detail.

Glass Hearts Can Break  6″ x 6″ oil on panel

A dear friend of mine and I saw these beautiful hand blown glass hearts in Mexico adorning a tree in a hotel lobby.  It was a stunning sight.  Fragile, vibrant, glass hearts couragously hanging from limbs.
If we could only be so brave and courageous!  Not scared of breaking!   Willing to “hang ourselves out in the wind”! 

Love in the Shadows … a close look   6″ x 6″  Oil on Panel

 This is a “cropped” look at the still life I did a week or so ago.   Originally, I planned to get a close look.  But somewhere between starting and finishing the drawing I got a bit off course.   I was too lazy to start over!   My punishment was the cherries by this time were a bit dark and shriveled.   So I had to cheat a little and look at my other painting to finish them in the bright reds I loved.   I do think I like this one better although my son likes the first one better.   What do you think?

Love in the Shadows  6″ x 6″   Oil on Panel

Sometimes we find love where we aren’t expecting it!   Like in the shadows.   This morning I noticed the cherries on my plate left from the night before created a heart shaped shadow!   What a surprise!   I had to paint it.   I think I will try it again cropped a little more closely.   So, keep looking for love in unexpected places.  Like in the shadows!

Valentines at Tiffany’s  6″x6″  Oil on panel

Painting glass is always fun.   Painting valentines candy in a martini glass against Tiffany blue is even more fun!  This has become one of my favorite colors to mix.   Using a little veridian green with cerelean blue and white does the trick.

Gift from the Garden 6”x6” oil on panel. Available at February’s Gallery-on-the-Go

This sweet rose from my garden looked so nice against the turquoise background and the candy made it even sweeter!

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