Friday, February 11, 2011

Last Night's Shopping!

Last night shopping for produce I remembered someone telling me they love to paint beautiful translucent red tomatoes. Luckily, we had small salads for dinner so I still had a subject to paint this morning!  I executed quickly using oil on clay board. I find this combination makes me paint in an entirely different way-more intentionally. My challenge was the shifting light coming through the window. The shadows kept moving and I didn't move fast enough.  Oh well - another one on the list to try again.

Last Night's Shopping!  6" x 6" Oil on Clay board


  1. Beautifully designed, too! It's so true that materials matter. They can raise your game. Yours is getting so powerful.

  2. Love it! I did some of those vine connected tomatoes yesterday but haven't gotten a photo yet. Kinda hard! I love your bottle behind these. I have trouble with those slick painting surfaces but maybe I will try them again. Great job!