Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sunset on Tom

This week the sunsets in Encinitas have been spectacular with soft pastel pinks, purples and blue over the ocean.   Another place that can get a wide spectrum of colors is a mountainside at sunrise and sunset.   I painted this small "Sunset on Tom I" from a photo taken near Bishop, CA.
Sunset on Tom I
9 x 12" Oil on Canvas
I was inspired to paint this again - but this time in a large format.   The second painting is three feet by four feet.   It is the largest painting I have attempted and I found it a very different (at times difficult) process.    The smaller painting will be on display at OffTrack Gallery in August and September.   The larger one is too large to fit in my allotted gallery space!   Enjoy the sunsets.

Sunset on Tom II
36 x 48" Oil on Canvas

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