Saturday, April 16, 2011

Who's a Chicken?

This chicken was painted for the Daily Paint Works Challenge. Another predominantly white painting which is always such a mystery to paint. The canvas was tinted a bright red and I tried to keep white-blue for the cool whites and white-yellow for the warm whites. Afterthoughts: a green tinted canvas might have been a better option than red; letting a little more canvas show through would have been a good thing.

Who's a Chicken? 6' x 6' Oil on Panel


  1. I love it! I haven't done a chicken yet but need to give it a shot. I think you handled the whites very well! Hard to do sometimes but you had the right idea.

  2. I like the whites on top of the red, and you seem to have solved the white mystery! Really appears to be a very sweet little chicken....if there are sweet disposition chickens ! On to the next challenge !